Weight Loss – Eating Your Way Back to Health and Fitness

One claim many battling with weight gain or weight loss might not readily agree to is the possibility of getting to lose weight, regain health and fitness back by eating food. Yes, F-O-O-D!The challenge, struggle, quest and battle to lose weight have really taken its toll on the finances, time and efforts of many individuals.Some have even run into a brick wall with the many and several attempts made at getting rid of the excess weight they carry around seeing the more they press on in their desire to lose weight, the more they discover that the shed weight is regained back after stopping the weight loss program or treatment.Some have even developed additional health risk conditions as a result of the severity (harshness) of the weight loss program adopted.These have left many discouraged and disillusioned about the existence of any weight loss program or treatment that really works, as claimed or promised.There is indeed a healthy way to weight loss. One which I am persuaded will definitely do your quest, desire and ambition of getting rid of that excess weight you carry around some good.You got to where you are now by eating food – remember?What better way there is than getting yourself out of the health risk situation that you are in by eating food again and again -absurd, you might want to label this.If you are to take some time aside, you can get to discover for yourself your food eating patterns and habit. What types of food appeal to you the most? What size or helpings do you take whenever you sit at a meal? How often do you eat or snack? What itinerary you run day to day?Getting to consider your eating time schedule and food composition before now that you have a weight problem will indeed do you a lot of good. Excess weight is as a result of the effects of food consumed on the body, the body metabolism and the kind of lifestyle lived day to day.Not only will you get to discover what food excesses you have been indulging in, you will also realise ways in which you have been impartial to yourself, your body and your health.Eating is not all about filling your stomach with any type of food. It is also not a means to satiate the hunger pangs you experience from time to time when your body is low in nutrients.Eating is to your body and health what water is to fish (provided you are aware there is a creature so named).A fish must have the right kind of water in a right environment and a right temperature to live or survive. Food for humans must be balanced (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) and in right or appropriate proportions too.In the same manner that you accumulated excess weight through eating food -the unhealthy way, you can shed off or lose that excess weight through eating food -the healthy way and truly regain your fitness back again. You can lose weight and regain your health and fitness back again, EATING FOOD!

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