Weight Loss – Eating Your Way Back to Health and Fitness

One claim many battling with weight gain or weight loss might not readily agree to is the possibility of getting to lose weight, regain health and fitness back by eating food. Yes, F-O-O-D!The challenge, struggle, quest and battle to lose weight have really taken its toll on the finances, time and efforts of many individuals.Some have even run into a brick wall with the many and several attempts made at getting rid of the excess weight they carry around seeing the more they press on in their desire to lose weight, the more they discover that the shed weight is regained back after stopping the weight loss program or treatment.Some have even developed additional health risk conditions as a result of the severity (harshness) of the weight loss program adopted.These have left many discouraged and disillusioned about the existence of any weight loss program or treatment that really works, as claimed or promised.There is indeed a healthy way to weight loss. One which I am persuaded will definitely do your quest, desire and ambition of getting rid of that excess weight you carry around some good.You got to where you are now by eating food – remember?What better way there is than getting yourself out of the health risk situation that you are in by eating food again and again -absurd, you might want to label this.If you are to take some time aside, you can get to discover for yourself your food eating patterns and habit. What types of food appeal to you the most? What size or helpings do you take whenever you sit at a meal? How often do you eat or snack? What itinerary you run day to day?Getting to consider your eating time schedule and food composition before now that you have a weight problem will indeed do you a lot of good. Excess weight is as a result of the effects of food consumed on the body, the body metabolism and the kind of lifestyle lived day to day.Not only will you get to discover what food excesses you have been indulging in, you will also realise ways in which you have been impartial to yourself, your body and your health.Eating is not all about filling your stomach with any type of food. It is also not a means to satiate the hunger pangs you experience from time to time when your body is low in nutrients.Eating is to your body and health what water is to fish (provided you are aware there is a creature so named).A fish must have the right kind of water in a right environment and a right temperature to live or survive. Food for humans must be balanced (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) and in right or appropriate proportions too.In the same manner that you accumulated excess weight through eating food -the unhealthy way, you can shed off or lose that excess weight through eating food -the healthy way and truly regain your fitness back again. You can lose weight and regain your health and fitness back again, EATING FOOD!

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Capture Perfect Digital Sports and Action Shots – Digital Photography Tips Complementary Guide

What gets you all excited about your favourite sport?… the thrill of the chase in horse racing or maybe the atmosphere and tension of a ball game, maybe your favourite player?… Well if you were to capture some of these scenes how would you do it best? For some digital photography tips, let’s take a look at a few ideas right now to capture that realism…Get FamiliarIt’s worth getting familiar with the sport before you start shooting, for example, how points are scored, what causes penalties etc, as this will give you an advantage over others… you will learn to expect where the best action is likely to be, and you can then capture those glorious moments.Another great tip, as well as aiming to catch the action, capture the ‘emotion’ too. Be ready to shoot players’ faces on triumph of a goal, or any other emotive action in the game and you will bring your photos alive!Be PreparedCold and bad weather conditions can quickly rob the life of your digital camera’s battery, so it’s important to always carry an extra charged battery especially for outdoor sports.Action TechniquesStop Action… you’ll very quickly be able to shoot an action shot and ‘freeze’ your subject practically in mid air. Imagine the wheels of a drag car on a dirt road, bouncing off the many bumps… for those few seconds while the car is in mid air, snap away to capture the action.Lighting is not too much of an issue if you’re outside on a sunny or partially sunny day say at a car race, dog track, or horse race etc, but you’ll maybe need to make adjustments if you’re inside a gymnasium shooting a basketball game, for example. If the lighting is bright, then you’ll probably be okay, but depending on the type of lighting, you may need to activate your fill flash if you shoot players in action and you find your photo colorizations shifting to ‘yellow’.Also bear in mind the distance, as your flash will not carry too far… it might be worth sitting near the basket hoop to catch the action!Blurred Action… a couple of ideas behind blurred action is, firstly… if you look back at your photos you have taken using Stop Action, you may find one or two shots that did not freeze the action, which means your camera did not catch the action at the right moment… so you end up with an interestingly blurry effect to your subject.Secondly, if you’re shooting a ball game, for example, you may get blurring if your player moves just as you click your shutter. If you did not intend for this to happen, you might be pleasantly surprised with the effect!Panned Action… the most difficult to accomplish, but probably the most effective shooting technique, once mastered. The advantage using your digital camera is that you can delete unwanted frames and start again, so here’s how panning basically works…Using your digital camera in automatic mode press the shutter half way down to focus on your subject, moving your camera sideways following the action, then pressing the shutter fully while still moving your camera. The effect created is the front of your subject should remain in fairly strong focus, while the back of your subject should start to blur, and as it blurs a long trail should appear, giving a feeling of movement like no other effect could possibly achieve.ExperimentBy knowing what your digital camera can do, experiment with different methods to get the best shots. You could try shooting in continuous mode, then try panning the camera along with your subject, whilst he/she or it is in motion.I hope these digital photography tips are helpful. If you can get to grips with panning, as I have described above, you’re on a winner!

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Deciding On The Correct Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Your body is an absolute reflection of your healthy lifestyle choices. For the most part it is very basic to tell what someone thinks about their own health which is seen in their physical body and how they look. You are able to tell when one cares about themselves and they appear physically fit while at the other end of it you realize the people that do not care about their health seeing that they are very overweight and you should see them out at restaurants eating the absolute worst foods possible.Before I go any further, I know there are some people out there by now yelling at the top of their lungs saying “But I’m born this way!” Unfortunately, Well, I’m not a medical professional so I cannot answer that question towards a biological standpoint. But my personal opinion is that the “genetics” reasoning is thoroughly laughable. Your skinny friend that eats everything she wants and never gains an ounce of weight is like that because she has a faster metabolism. That fast metabolism is because they are being physically active. It’s the same thing for the person that is overweight that continues to keep getting bigger and bigger. The reply to that is to start making healthy lifestyle choices. Begin consuming beneficial healthy foods rather than junk and begin exercising. Your metabolism will then increase which will also help you burn fat.So what are these decisions that you need to make so that you can live a healthy life? As I said, start by fixing those eating habits. And this does not only mean to count how many calories you eat & drink. Even if you meet your calorie goals for the day, it doesn’t mean you’re being healthy. You should watch what foods you consume as part of those calories. If it’s made up of candy and chips, you’re not doing your body any favors. So begin by eating fresh fruits & vegetables, lean meats, and high protein foods. In fact, as you get started with a new healthy lifestyle plan, don’t even walk up and down the aisles at the supermarket. Stick to the edge of the store and you should find everything you need to eat healthy (except for the bakery section).You should additionally get started in some sort of regular workout program to begin to improve your healthy lifestyle choices. If you’re very overweight, you obviously would not run a race tomorrow or begin doing the exercises which an athlete would do, but you have to begin somewhere. Rather than sitting on the couch today, take half an hour and go for a walk. Then tomorrow do exactly the same, but push yourself to take fifty additional steps in the same amount of time. Slowly increase the number of steps and/or minutes until you can run the entire 30 minutes. This will not happen overnight and it could actually take you several months to get to this point depending where you currently are. While continuing to work to that, add a little bit of strength training to your exercise program. This is very good for you and will be of great help to your body and increase your metabolism.The combination of a beneficial nutrition and a little physical activity will put you on the correct track to having a life of health. Those eating habits will consist of about eighty percent of how you look, so it is obviously of great importance. Your workout routine will consist of the other 20%. This may allow you tone your body as well as giving you that extra push for weight loss and become healthy.Your choice to live a healthy lifestyle is your own decision. No one can make you a believer of it and it has to be something you want to have. If you do not want to change how you live it just will not happen. You must desire that vision and set the goals for yourself in order to have success with these healthy lifestyle choices.

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