What Online Video Can Do For You – A Killer YouTube Strategy

A lot of people have been asking me:

Why online video?

Why not just text or audio?

Why can’t you just use that?

I think online video comes with a set of specific benefits that can help you and give that extra dimension to your online efforts. Let’s look at a few of these.

Online Video Is Really Awesome For Traffic Generation And List Building

That’s what this webinar is about. You may not have known that up to this point, but online video is an amazing trend.

I’ll be showing you some graphs very soon as well of what’s happening with YouTube and why you need to jump on it now. There’s still time. We’re still on the growth curve.

You’ll see soon why it’s important to get on YouTube in particular, as soon as possible. It’s awesome for traffic and list building.

Of course, text has some real benefits with search engine optimization for websites, but that’s going to be changing in the future. YouTube is working on voice recognition software. In fact, they already have it on the political channel where you can actually search for words inside the YouTube videos. How powerful is that?

One of these days, I think it will be surpassing text in terms of search engine optimization. And as you’ll be seeing soon, you can use some YouTube strategies to help you rank in the Google search engines for your YouTube videos. This is ranking YouTube videos inside Google. Sometimes you do a Google search and you see videos popping up in some of the results. It’s becoming more and more prevalent.

I love video. If you think about video, it’s such an amazing medium. Just look at how popular TV became and how quickly it became popular. Video on the Internet is a similar phenomenon. The only difference is that it’s grown much faster. The influence of online video is, I would say, getting a lot bigger than just television.

When you have video, it really gets peoples attention, compared to text and audio. With video you cover all the options; you’ve got something visual, there’s audio, and there’s real content as well and it really keeps peoples attention and keeps them longer on your website, which is important for search engine optimization.

Now there are also visual cues and information from body language that you can only deliver with video. To some extent you can do it with text, but it’s very difficult. You need to be a very good author to be able to do that. With video you can just be yourself. You can just be normal, and those visual cues and visual information from your body language will be transferred automatically.

I just want to share with you some very interesting research here. This is from a study from UCLA. One study at UCLA indicated that up to 93% of communication effectiveness is determined by non-verbal cues. And another study indicated that the impact of a performance was determined 7% by the words used, 38% by voice quality, and 55% by non-verbal communication.

So when you think about video, this is what video can offer you. This is the communication vehicle that you can use to get across your message to your site visitors. This is powerful. If you think about how quickly things have moved, it is just phenomenal, the power that we now have as just normal Joe Blog Internet marketers or people doing something online. We have this incredible tool to influence people, to build relationships, to build traffic. It’s not even funny. We’re living in incredible times.

Using Online Video Makes Your Video Come To Life

If you have to compare one website to another, and one website only has text and another one has a bunch of really cool videos on it, which one would you be more attracted to?

Of course, there are some people in the world who prefer reading to watching video, but in general, if you look at the population, people prefer watching videos for entertainment or whatever purpose.

There are drawbacks with video as well. If you want to get access to information quickly, it’s a bit harder to scroll through information, but that’s changing as well. With YouTube it is possible to have some sort of scrolling mechanism where you can point people to certain parts of your video if they want to get quick access to certain bits of information.

It really makes your website come to life; it’s almost like having a window to your life on your website, and you can use YouTube for this purpose very easily and very effectively.

This is what it does. It strengthens the bond with your visitors. When people come to visit your website or your blog and they see an image of you on there, that’s already going to build a stronger bond.

I just had a very interesting chat with a friend of mine over the weekend and she said that on the previous video that I did for the promotion for this webinar, she would have preferred if I had a picture or a video of me on there. She kind of missed that. She struggled to make the connection.

I should have known that, because I know how powerful video is. I was a little bit rushed, but it just pointed out to me again how important it is to make that emotional bond with your visitors. The stronger you can make that bond, the more they’re going to love you, the more they’re going to come back to your site, the more they’re going to watch your videos.

A couple of examples here are FreeMagicLive and also HighOnHealth that I’ll be showing you a bit more in detail.

FreeMagicLive Example

The first one, this is going to be the case study. This is FreeMagicLive. As you can see at the moment here, we already have 15,600 subscribers, which includes our RSS feed subscribers as well. This has all been done over the last seven to eight months, mainly using YouTube and of course this blog. This is one example of what YouTube can do for you, or what online video can do for you.

HighOnHealth. org Example

The next one I quickly want to show you, just to show you that it’s not the only one in the world that’s using this method, another one is HighOnHealth from Fran Kerr, a friend of mine.

She’s doing pretty much the same thing where she has a bunch of videos in YouTube. She places them on her blog and people can watch them.

Here’s a typical video.

They drive the traffic back to her blog and build her list. She’s currently sitting at just over 12,000 subscribers. That’s using the medium of YouTube, online video and blogging.

This sort of stuff is powerful. Just think of what you can do with a list of 10-15,000 people on your list. That’s very powerful. You become very influential once you have a list like that in your niche. There’s just a couple of quick examples, and I’ll be digging in quite a bit more detail to show you a little bit more how all this works and how all this can help you.

So there are a couple of examples. Definitely from my point of view, I’m a little bit biased, but I really believe that… Online Video Is Far Superior To Text And Audio

And this is what you can do with video. You can do it with text and audio too, but video is just a lot more powerful in this sense.

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